It was indeed a shouting Wednesday service with our highly esteemed pastor imparting on the power of an endless life. Congratulations, if you were in church, you sure are functioning in another dimension.

Here Are A Few Nuggets To Reminisce:

✅ As a Christian, you’ve got to come to the point where you really understand and walk in the reality of the life that you have.

✅ There’re characteristics and distinctive features of that life, there’s a level of operation that the consciousness of this life would give to you.

✅ You can’t afford to play with your Christian life; be where you should be, participating in service on Sundays, Wednesdays, at your Care Group, etc.

✅ If you’re born again you’ve got to be born again by the Word and by the Spirit.

✅ You have a priesthood after the order of our Lord Jesus Christ and your Kingship and Priesthood is after the power of an endless life.

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